The Elijah Challenge is coming!!

The Elijah Challenge is coming to The Tabernacle of David in Lage, Germany. I highly recommend that you prayerfully consider coming to be a part of the Elijah Challenge that we are having from Jan.12-14. 2018. Brother and Sister Lau are coming to share with us and to have a training event called:

The Elijah Challenge.

I respect our brother and sister and I deeply appreciate their heart for the Lord and for the unreached nations and for training disciples to go and preach the Kingdom of God with authority and power to evangelize and transform nations. Below are some facts regarding The Elijah Challenge and their history.

The Elijah Challenge

At the very beginning of our ministry we spent nine years as missionaries in primitive unreached areas of Indonesia Borneo. When we went there, I had followed Jesus for only two years and had not quite finished reading the Bible. But my experience with Jesus Christ was so powerful that I gave up the “American Dream” as well as my advanced degrees (I was within about a year of getting my Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of California) to take my wife to Indonesia to preach the gospel to those who never heard. When we left the US, we had no financial support from any church, no mission board, no training in missions, no missionary visa, and no idea of what we were going to do after arriving in Indonesia. We went by radical faith in the Lord who commands us to “go.” But the Lord was faithful…
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“The heart of the lamb” Seminar by Greg Violi

This seminar taking place in Bischofsheim / Rhön will cover the following things: God longs for people, in whose heart he can dwell. He wants our heart to reflect his heart, the heart of the Lamb. Through the sin of men and the consequences, the hearts of men are heavily polluted with the seed of the proud heart of Satan. Restoring the pure, heartfelt heart is, therefore, the most difficult but also the most important thing that must be done to make the world recognize the truth about God.
In this end-time God is calling a new generation of successors, whose hearts are completely surrendering to him and filled by him. They live for His glory alone, and are convinced that Jesus’ way of lowliness, humility, and meekness is the way, whereby evil can be overcome and “all things” can be restored.

This seminar takes place in English, German and Russian!

You are cordially invited! Click here for further information and registration!

(Deutsch) Konferenz “Der Gott des Übernatürlichen”

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Es ist wenige Tage her, das wir das unglaubliche Privileg hatten mit Surprise und Tryphina Sithole eine Konferenz zu halten, die in einer so übernatürlichen Intensität mit der spürbaren Gegenwart Gottes erfüllt und durchdrungen war, wie wir es bisher noch nicht erlebt hatten.

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