Conference “Walking in your Royal Calling” – Review

Well, I feel to mention that many testimonies have come in and the main word that people are saying about the Blaubeuren Conference is simply:

I am changed! My life, my marriage, my outlook.

It just seems that the Father came in a tremendous way and He supernaturally came inside of individuals and revealed Himself, did surgery or whatever He wanted to do within the people during this Conference. there was a beautiful Presence and a sweet, loving deep sense of God everywhere. The Lord met with several nations and He has released an eternal effect and impartation of Himself and each nation went back with a much greater manifestation of the Father’s heart and joy.

One of the main occurrences during the Conference was a supernatural river that the Lord brought into the building and when someone took the step of faith to enter into it, they were saturated with joy, freedom, and a newness of being a child of God! Many wonderful things happened, but just being in the Presence and enjoying God and enjoying as well as appreciating God in His people became a highlight of the Conference.

There was a very small chance that anyone could have left this Conference without having a much greater appreciation of being in the family of God! He allowd us to see our brothers and sisters in a much greater way than before. It was an extreme joy to be with our friends, Supresa and Tryphina Sithole. We deeply appreciate them and their love.

I want to give a big thank you for everyone that attended, everyone that served, everyone that had any part at all in this Conference. Whatever your part was, it was very big and important to the overall success of the Conference. Thank you and God bless you as you continue to release the pure love of the Father throughout the nations! You are loved and appreciated.

I encourage anyone that could not attend to purchase the Conference as MP3 through Überwinder Verlag, as soon as it is available ( You will be changed and blessed as you enter into the Presence in all the services! Thank you family of God for your encouragement, love and support in this wonderful journey that we have embarked on called, the Kingdom of God on earth.

In the bond of Calvary’ s love

Greg Violi