Heart Revolution

Pastor Greg Violi taught these days from the vital revelation about the heart and its spiritual reality. The Holy Spirit goes deeper and further with this series of teachings than you may be used to. But the more you get involved with Him, the more your hunger for more depth grows.
This teaching about the heart is the fundamental basis that defines us as the Hütte David’s church.
Here you can listen to this absolute life-changing sermon series:

Overcoming failure

Jeff Owens has shared these days rich personal experiences of how he has victoriously overcome failure and has grown stronger from it. Here you can listen to the sermons again:

The Power of Speaking Blessings

Pastor Greg Violi teaches these days from the strong revelation about the mighty power of blessing and the destructive power of cursing. He then guides the listeners in practical steps to move from the realm of cursing to the realm of blessing and to experience the release of the Kingdom of God in their lives. Life and death are in the power of the tongue.
Here you find the sermons to enter straight away:

Here you find our sermons also in Russian.

A normal Christian Worker

Yesterday evening Paul Willoughby introduced the topic above with a very authentic testimony and showed with the Word of God the problem areas, the blessings and biblical principles of the daily working life of a Christian. Here you can listen to it again:

Here you find our sermons also in Russian.

How to catch a monkey?

In a very refreshing way Manfred Frese showed us today with a “monkey trap” how easily the traps of life could hold us captive, while by simply letting go we could taste the glorious freedom of God. Let us take you in, you will find the sermon right here:

These sermons can also be found here in Russian.

Wandering Orphan

In his last 2 sermons, Jeff Owens impressively showed how a life under an orphan’s spirit deprives us of many blessings that belong to us as sons and daughters of God and his heirs. In a very practical way, Jeff contrasted the limited life of an orphan with that of a fulfilled life as a Son of God and guided us to leave this old way and to turn completely to God the Father. Here you can listen to the sermons again:

These sermons can also be found here in Russian.

Consider your Ending

Today, on Sunday, we have looked together at the way and the end of life of different people in the Bible. Pastor Greg Violi guided us with this message to step into the presence of God and to consider how we want to end our lives. Listen to the message directly here again and reach out to God anew so that your life ends valuable instead of wasted.


Pastor Greg Violi taught on thursday and on this sunday about the profound difference of a life under the love of Eros and the love of Agape and how a life under the prevailing influence shows itself in practice. Awakening, moving, life-changing!

Here you can play these messages directly, listen to it and let your heart be touched by the Lord: