It is more blessed to give

The Lord God lets us see increasingly that the closer we get to the heart of God, -the more we want to give. The closer you come to the heart of God, the more you want to give: your life, your heart, your time, your body, your money, yourself, everything. Paul said that Jesus says:

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

These are the words of the greatest givers in this universe and the presence of the giving Heart of Jesus transforms us into just such givers. When we receive the revelation of Jesus´ giving heart that it is more blessed to give than to receive, every religious motive of giving falls off of us.
Instead of religion a burning desire to give freely from our heart grows in us without expecting anything back, -and each giving is an intimate act of worshipping the living Son of God, who gave himself completely for us. The love he poured out into our hearts through his Holy Spirit will flow freely from us. This is the heart that Jesus creates in us.
If you, dear visitor, are drawn by this love of Jesus and want to actively support the ministry of the Christengemeinde Hütte Davids, you can do this with a transfer or a standing order to our bank account.Thank you very much for your support! You’re making a real difference in the kingdom of God with your giving. Be blessed!


General donations
If you want to financially support the ministry and interests of the Hütte Davids church, there are several ways to donate or tithe:

bank transfer or standing order

Account holder
Christengemeinde Hütte Davids e.V.
Bank Sparkasse Bielefeld
IBAN DE74 4805 0161 0070 0247 08
Intended use Donation, First-/Last Name, address



Click on the PayPal link below and easily send your amount to Hütte Davids church, Germany:


Donations for current projects of Hütte Davids church

A new church building

God is building his church. He brings growth and multiplies everything He touches with His blessing. To realize God’s vision in the Hütte Davids church, this church needs a new home and a new building. For this purpose, we give everyone here the opportunity to sow into this vision and our new home and to invest in God’s kingdom via the bank account below:

bank transfer or standing order

Account holder
Christengemeinde Hütte Davids e.V.
Bank Sparkasse Bielefeld
IBAN DE12 4805 0161 0070 0247 57
Intended use Donation Building, First-/Last Name, address


Donation receipts

As a church “Hütte Davids e.V.” we are recognized by the tax office as a non-profit organization and issue official donation certificates. In order to create an annual donation receipt for you, we need the following information from you in the “intended use” field of every bank transfer:

“Donation, first name and surname, full address”


Überwinder Verlag publishing house

Payment of book orders from Überwinder Verlag via our donation account is not permitted. Überwinder Verlag is an independent company. For book orders and the like please contact the publisher via the following contact:

Thank you for your support! You make a real difference to the Kingdom of God with your giving in every way.