Conference Ecclisia Arising

21. May @ 17:00 24. May @ 13:00

Conference Ecclisia Arising

with Greg Violi and Surprise Sithole

This conference calls upon the Kingdom – seekers to rise up, come together and make the Body of Christ visible in all nations!
The event focuses on the true meaning of the word church and its powerful presence in the world. The gates of hell cannot stand against this ecclesia. The Lord Himself is building it up at this hour.
This conference will allow for division to be destroyed and walls to be torn down that the evil one has established in the church. During this time we will enter into the reality of the uplifted body of Christ, His church.

And I also say to you: You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the realm of the dead shall not overpower it. Matt. 16:18
…but, truly in love, grow up in all things toward him who is the head, the Christ. From him the whole body, joined together and joined by all the joints, giving one another a helping hand according to the capacity of each member, accomplishes the growth of the body to build itself up in love. Eph. 4:15-16

Come and be united with other parts of this glorious body and experience the call, intention and power of ecclesia in this world.


Greg Violi and Surprise Sithole (South Africa)

Time Table:

21.05.2021 Friday

05:00 pm Beginning of Registration
07:00 pm Part 1

22.05.2021 Saturday

10:00 am Part 2
02:00 pm Part 3
07:00 pm Part 4

22.05.2021 Sunday

10:00 am Part 5

07:00 pm Part 6

23.05.2021 Monday

10:00 am Part 7


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Haus Neuland
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Ticket price Adults: 175,00 Euro

Ticket price Children: 87,50 Euro
(4-12 years)

Ticketpreis includes:

Conference attendence:
Attendance at all parts of the conference including livestream ticket

3x lunch,
2x dinner
Cold drinks are provided during the conference

Overnight stay not included in the price. But it is possible to book an overnight stay directly in the Neuland house.

The following link can be used for this:


Childcare is offered during the morning and afternoon events. We do not offer childcare during the evening events.

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Seminar "The Power of the Ecclesia"

7. February 2020 @ 19:00 9. February 2020 @ 13:30


Greg Violi


Gewerbe-Center Görlitz
Blauer Eingang
Am Klinikum 7
02828 Görlitz


Christengemeinde Hütte Davids Görlitz e.V.
Am Klinikum 7
02828 Görlitz


Fri: 07 pm
Sat: 10 am
Sat: 03 pm
Sat: 07 pm
Su: 10:30 am

Seminar fee:

Love offering for the speaker, translator and other costs.


German, English

Food during the seminar:

coffee/drinks and snacks at a low price, self-supply for lunch


There is no childcare. A room for small children is available.

Book table

provided by Überwinder Verlag

Christengemeinde Hütte Davids Görlitz e. V.

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