Counseling Seminar – Inner Healing and Deliverance

25. March 2020 @ 10:00 29. March 2020 @ 22:00

Counseling Seminar – Inner Healing – Deliverance with Greg Violi and Pierrot Fey

Greg Violi is married and father of 4 daughters. He is a pastor from Ohio, USA, who has been living and serving in Germany for several years now. He is the author of several books and strongly conveys the love of God the Father. His ministry is healing the soul and the spirit. The Holy Spirit accompanies his Word through signs.

Pierrot Fey is founder of the church “Die Taube” in Heidelberg and author of the books “Wunder aus Liebe” and “Prophetische Gebetarmee I und II”. Through his prophetic ministry and message of the immeasurable love and grace of God, many have already been healed and set free.

Evangelische Freikirche “Die Taube” [Heidelberg]

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